+373 Country code: Moldova

The area code +373 belongs to Moldova.

Country Calling Code

+ 373

Also Moldova Country code for whatsapp

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Time Zone in Capital


Local time

All Moldova city codes +373

City Dial Codes
Anenii Noi '+373-265
Balti '+373-231
Basarabeasca '+373-297
Bender '+373-552
Briceni '+373-247
Cahul '+373-299
Cainari '+373-277
Calarasi '+373-244
Camenca '+373-216
Cantemir '+373-273
Causeni '+373-243
Ceadîr – Lunga '+373-291
Chisinau '+373-22
Cimislia '+373-241
Comrat '+373-298
Criuleni '+373-248
Dnestrovsk '+373-219
Donduseni '+373-251
Drochia '+373-252
Dubasari '+373-215
Edinet '+373-246
Falesti '+373-259
Floresti '+373-250
Glodeni '+373-249
Grigoriopol '+373-210
Hîncesti '+373-269
Ialoveni '+373-268
Leova '+373-263
Nisporeni '+373-264
Ocnita '+373-271
Orhei '+373-235
Rezina '+373-254
Rîbnita '+373-555
Rîscani '+373-256
Sîngerei '+373-262
Slobozia '+373-557
Soldanesti '+373-272
Soroca '+373-230
Stefan Voda '+373-242
Straseni '+373-237
Taraclia '+373-294
Telenesti '+373-258
Tiraspol '+373-533
Ungheni '+373-236
Vulcanesti '+373-293

Frequently asked questions about 373 area code


What is country code 373

Country code 373 is the international telephone dialing code assigned to the Republic of Moldova. This code is used when making international calls to Moldova from other countries. It is important to note that country codes are essential for establishing communication between different countries and are used to identify specific regions or countries when dialing internationally.

What area code is 373 on WhatsApp?

The area code 373 on WhatsApp corresponds to the country code for Moldova. Moldova is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east, and south. The country code 373 is used for making international calls to Moldova. When using WhatsApp, this area code is necessary to correctly identify and connect with contacts in Moldova.

What country is this phone number from

How to call from abroad to a phone located in Moldova?

To call from abroad to a phone located in Moldova, you will need to follow a few steps.

  • 1. Determine the international dialing code for Moldova. The international dialing code for Moldova is +373.
  • 2. Dial the exit code of the country you are calling from. The exit code is the code you need to dial to make an international call. For example, if you are calling from the United States, the exit code is 011.
  • 3. Dial the international dialing code for Moldova (+373).
  • 4. Dial the area code of the city or region where the phone is located. For example, the area code for Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova, is 22.
  • 5. dial the phone number of the person you are trying to reach.

For example, if you are calling from the United States to a phone located in Chisinau, Moldova, you would dial: 011 + 373 + 22 + [phone number].

You can also know the following country codes:

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