+1 671 Country code: Guam

The area code +1-671 belongs to Guam.

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+ 1-671

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Frequently asked questions about 1-671 area code


What is country code 1-671

Country code 1-671 corresponds to the United States territory of Guam. Guam is an island located in the western Pacific Ocean and is an unincorporated territory of the United States. The country code 1-671 is used for telephone calls to and from Guam. It is important to note that country codes are used to identify specific countries or territories when making international calls.

What area code is 1-671 on WhatsApp?

The area code 1-671 on WhatsApp corresponds to Guam. Guam is a U.S. territory located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is known for its beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage, and military presence. By using the 1-671 area code on WhatsApp, you can connect with individuals and businesses based in Guam.

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How to call from abroad to a phone located in Guam?

To call from abroad to a phone located in Guam, you will need to follow a specific dialing procedure.

First, you will need to know the international dialing code for the country you are calling from. For example, if you are calling from the United States, the international dialing code is 011.

Next, you will need to dial the country code for Guam, which is 1.

After dialing the country code, you will need to enter the area code for the specific location in Guam that you are calling. For example, the area code for the capital city of Guam, Hag�t�a, is 671.

you will need to enter the phone number of the person or business you are calling in Guam. Make sure to include all the necessary digits, including any additional numbers such as extensions.

Here is an example of how to call a phone located in Guam from abroad:

If you are calling from the United States, you would dial: 011-1-671-XXX-XXXX

In this example, "XXX-XXXX" represents the specific phone number you are trying to reach in Guam.

You can also know the following country codes:

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