+359 Country code: Bulgaria

The area code +359 belongs to Bulgaria.

Country Calling Code

+ 359

Also Bulgaria Country code for whatsapp

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All Bulgaria city codes +359

 Dial Codes
Bulgaria Toll Free+359-001
Bulgaria Toll Free (800) Full Country Coverage+359-046
City Dial Codes
Blagoevgrad '+359-73
Bourgas '+359-56
Dobritch '+359-58
Gabrovo '+359-66
Gotse Delchev '+359-751
Haskovo '+359-38
Kardjali '+359-361
Kazanluk '+359-431
Kjustendil '+359-78
Lovetch '+359-68
Mobile Phones - Globul '+359-89
Mobile Phones - Mtel '+359-88
Mobile Phones - Vivacom '+359-87
Montana '+359-96
Pazardjik '+359-34
Pernik '+359-76
Pleven '+359-64
Plovdiv '+359-32
Razgrad '+359-84
Rousse '+359-82
Shoumen '+359-54
Silistra '+359-86
Sliven '+359-44
Smolyan '+359-301
Sofia '+359-2
Stara Zagora '+359-42
Targovishte '+359-601
Varna '+359-52
Veliko Tarnovo '+359-62
Vidin '+359-94
Vratsa '+359-92
Yambol '+359-46

Frequently asked questions about 359 area code


What is country code 359

Country code 359 is the international telephone dialing code assigned to Bulgaria. This code is used when making international calls to Bulgaria from other countries. It is important to include the country code when dialing a Bulgarian phone number to ensure that the call is properly connected.

What area code is 359 on WhatsApp?

The area code 359 on WhatsApp corresponds to Bulgaria.

Does the 359 area code always have the same location?

No, the +359 area code does not always have the same location. The +359 area code is the international dialing code for Bulgaria. It is used to identify telephone numbers in Bulgaria, but it does not necessarily mean that all numbers with this area code are located in the same physical location within Bulgaria. The area code is just a way to distinguish Bulgarian telephone numbers from those of other countries.


How to call from abroad to a phone located in Bulgaria?

To call from abroad to a phone located in Bulgaria, you will need to follow a few steps.

1. Determine the international dialing code for your country: The international dialing code is a unique number assigned to each country. You can find this code by doing a quick internet search or referring to a list of international dialing codes.

2. Dial the exit code: The exit code is the number you need to dial to make an international call from your country. This code varies depending on where you are calling from. For example, if you are calling from the United States, the exit code is "011".

3. Dial the country code for Bulgaria: The country code for Bulgaria is "359". This code is used to identify the country you are calling.

4. Dial the area code (if applicable): If you are calling a landline number in Bulgaria, you may need to include the area code. The area code is a three-digit number that identifies a specific region within Bulgaria. For example, the area code for Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, is "2".

5. Dial the phone number: dial the phone number of the person or business you are trying to reach in Bulgaria. Make sure to include any necessary digits, such as an extension number, if provided.

Let's say you are in the United Kingdom and want to call a phone located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here's how you would do it:

1. Determine the international dialing code for the United Kingdom, which is "44".
2. Dial the exit code "00" to make an international call from the United Kingdom.
3. Dial the country code for Bulgaria, which is "359".
4. Dial the area code for Sofia, which is "2".
5. Dial the phone number of the person or business you are calling in Sofia.

So, the complete number you would dial to call a phone in Sofia, Bulgaria from the United Kingdom would be "00 359 2 [phone number]".

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